Project competenceProject competence

Principles of our Project Management

Responsibility for a specific project is unambiguously assigned to an appointed project manager. This appointment is carried out by the leading management. The project manager normally uses all available resources of the particular organizational unit in charge. Depending upon the importance of the project, the project organization may be assigned to the leading management as an independent organizational unit (Project Task Force).

The progress of any project (death lines, costs, quality) is regularly analyzed and assessed within the scope of a specific project controlling. This is done at least once in a month. In the case of any deviations from set targets, the project manager will initiate corrections. Project controlling is assigned to central business controlling.

Process / Methods
The project manager resp. the project organization establish all project-specific guidelines for realization, based upon the working processes, systems, ant tools which have been developed and standardized within the company. Once established, the guidelines for realization are issued by the project manager to become compulsory for all organizational units participating in the project.

Resources / Qualifications
During different stages of realization (i.e. design, production, final inspection, logistics etc.), the project needs the support of expertise and competence in methods. The project manager calls for the competence particularly required by making use of the qualified and experienced staff of the company and/or the resources of the entire Eriks Business Group. Planning resources is a task of the project management. In the case of conflicts between the project and an organizational unit, the leading management will be responsible for a decision.

Technology / Quality
A project-specific quality plan based upon the current QM-system and in cooperation with customers, manufacturers and possible third parties will be established for the project. This project-specific quality plan and all related regulations, guidelines for realization etc. are to ensure that all requirements regarding the project`s design, quality and final inspection will be carried out.

Information / Communication
Systems of document management that are project-specifically adapted warrant a documentation on schedule and compliant to all requirements. The control, approval, delivery, and electronic filing of documents is equally guaranteed.
This includes design and the “As-Built” status, too.
The availability of spare parts for at least ten years and a complete After-Sales-Service are also made sure in this way.