Service and ModificationsService and Modifications

Modifications of Standardized Valves and Gaskets

We realize our customer-specific deliveries with our new logistics centre in Zwenkau near Leipzig. Here, in one of Europe`s largest warehouses for valves and gaskets (appr. 4,000 m²), we keep on stock a wide range of the corresponding industrial supply, taylor-made for customer's use.

With our production facilities at hand, we are able to fulfill individual customers' demands even beyond standard, for example:

  • Construction and testing of actuators (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic)
  • Installation of valve positioners, position indicators, interlockings, chain wheels, seal water connections, stem elongations
  • Special weld-on end processings
  • Design "oil-free" and "free of grease" for use in ultra-pure oxygen

Furthermore, we offer an extensive range of control and test services, for example:

  • Strength-, leakage-, and functional tests
  • Spectroscopic analysis of alloying elements (PMI-test)
  • Check of surface finish by magnetic powder test and dye penetrate test (MPT and LPT)
  • Volume check by ultrasound and X-ray technology
  • Hardness and surface finish tests at flange areas  and seating areas

You can benefit from our service team and mobile equipment at any place for revision, maintenance, repair and other On-Site-Services.