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Within the year 2016, the ERIKS group has undertaken further steps to improve sustainability. The new strategy of sustainability introduced will implement the following procedures until the year 2010:

  1. No accidents at work

  2. 100% of staff believe ERIKS to be a good employer

  3. Commitment: progress and annual report to United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

  4. 100% of suppliers accept the ERIKS Codex of Behaviour for Suppliers

  5. € 20.000.000,-  environmental savings for customers p.a. until 2020

  6. Reduction of carbon emissions from ERIKS by 20% until 2020

The sustainability report 2016 does not only describe the vision, strategy, and the new objectives of the company, but it also names successful examples for sustainability and presents issues that need further investments, too.

You will find the report and additional information about sustainability within the ERIKS company online under:


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