Health Management Staff

Siekmann Econosto

Our employees form the basis of Siekmann Econosto, as their motivation and efficiency represents the success of the company - so their health and well-being is an important affair.

According to this principle, Siekmann Econosto is currently developing a company based health management (BGM) which is to reduce risks in the workplace and to create healthy working conditions.

Under the label "Healthy @ SE", Siekmann Econosto - together with external partners - is established a program to continually improve health in the workplace. With demand-oriented approaches in the fields of healthy food, physical health, medical care and psychosocial sanity (Work-Life-Balance) the well-being of our staff is to be supported.

To master the challenges of today's working environment in the best way, an early prevention of risks for health must be promoted.

The implementation of "Health @ SE" will be a continuing process. We will introduce the concept to you and publish the progress in our News in autumn.

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