Siekmann Econosto GmbH, Zwenkau, Branch Office

Siekmann Econosto GmbH, Zwenkau, Branch Office

Siekmann Econosto GmbH & Co. KG
Baumeisterallee 33
D- 04442 Zwenkau


Tel.:  +49 34203/ 47 10
Fax   +49 34203 / 47 11 55

Being a branch office of the Dortmund KG, Siekmann Econosto in Zwenkau is responsible for all fields of business and customer branches assigned to this company in agreement with Dortmund.

Organization, systems, and working processes are fully integrated. Furthermore, with one of the largest and most modern warehouses for valves and gaskets in Europe (appr. 4000 m2 storage capacity covered over), Zwenkau is the central logistics centre of the Siekmann Econosto Group.

This centre contains a production area with machinery for stock removal and with all equipment necessary for assembly and control or mobile service.

Road Description Zwenkau
This is the way to find our branch office in Zwenkau.
Baumeisterallee 33, 0442 Zwenkau
Accessible via A 38 (accessible via A9 and  A 14)

A 38:
  • Exit towards B 186/B 2/ B 2n
  • At road junction, turn right towards B 2/Borna/Chemnitz and B 186/B 2/ B 2n
  • Exit B 186/ B2 towards Gera/Böhlen
  • Turn right into Bahnhofstr.
  • Turn left into Baumeisteralle