Supplies, Services, Solutions.

Siekmann Econosto is more than just a traditional manufacturer and supplier. We offer solutions concerning all valve and gasket requirements of international engineering and construction companies, of power plant operators or those of oil and gas plants as well as for the needs of the chemical industries.

We are a "Full Service Company" at our customer's disposal – as a consultant, an expert in engineering and logistics, a producer and supplier, and as an "After-Sales Service Partner". And all of those products and services are offered nationally and internationally.

Such an integral strategy guarantees extensive, competent, and tailor-made solutions for all customer- or project requirements – solutions that are integrated "under one roof" and connected with a high efficiency for customers during all stages of project realization.

We are the partner our customer is looking for to match his corresponding needs: flexible, competent, and customer-orientated with more than 50 years of experiences in specific customer- or product markets.

Being a member of the ERIKS Group, Siekmann Econosto participates in the strengths of a successful international conglomerate, too – i.e. a global network, a complementary product portfolio with a corresponding product competence as well as almost unrestricted capacities for production and a strong financial basis.

A professional project management is Siekmann Econosto's core competence. Systematic project control and an efficient monitoring of the progress achieved during all stages of planning, production, and delivery as well as an appropriate quality management ensure both a safe and effective realization of all projects we were instructed with and – at the same time – a high competitiveness based upon international production and value creation.

Global competition forces our customers and us to permanently improve this competitiveness. It is our strategic objective to improve all existing processes of planning, production, service, and quality in close cooperation with our customers to realize additional potentials (a reduction of costs and time while maintaining quality).